Networking Services that support your investments network services are designed to complement your investments, so you can plan, operate, and evolve your network easily and effectively.

Trusted Network Transformation

Our consultants define high-level strategies and roadmaps, business cases, and interoperability and transition strategies. This is a structured methodology and approach to manage the risk of change without impacting business continuity. Guided steps include: align on a common vision, assess your network and current state, architect, design, deploy and ongoing support, all with constant validation against your common vision and operational realities. Program Management, management of change and financial options can be included. Our interactive Transformation Experience Workshop helps your stakeholders to align network transformation with business needs and develop a practical approach to incorporate enablers such as software defined networking at a pace appropriate for your business.

Design, deploy, support

Leverage’s reference architecture to build a vendor-agnostic technology deployment blueprint and our engineer expertise to deploy and support based on your unique requirements.


We’ll help optimize your network by looking at all aspects of the environment for possible slowdowns, effectively analyzing the packet lifecycle, while recognizing that different primary protocols cause different applications to be affected in different ways across the network.

Software Defined Networking Services can help customers assess, plan and transform from proprietary networking to open-standards networking protocols to take advantage of multivendor design, performance, and cost advantages, with a philosophy towards interoperability. This includes building capabilities into the network with SDN applications such as Network Optimizer and Network Protector.



Previously implemented projectnetworking server room

Customer: Logistics Company


  • to setup 2 new offices in Bangkok and Chonburi
  • need to be connected to offices in Singapore
  • real-time delivery status using mobile devices
  • auto real-time truck arrival updates
  • GPS geo-fencing with multiple GPS vendors
  • regional KPI reporting in Singapore





Our solutionnetworking service scenario 1

  • For networking:
  • we provided notebooks, desktops and printers.
  • Setup local and remote network for staff access
  • Setup network security protocols
  • Setup VPN connection to link up all offices.
  • Established remote administration
  • Provided pro-active support.
  • For applications development
  • Setup servers and server room
  • Setup a data warehouse
  • Setup GPS server and tracking reports
  • Setup automated data mining
  • Used business rules to generate graphical dashboard showing company health



networking service scenario 2





With enhanced  useful knowledge, the company was able to provide resources where lacking, and optimize where redundant

Also able to quickly resolve low-hanging fruits and plan for medium to long term improvements